Deleting while recording bug

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Deleting while recording bug

Post by Ant » Sun Dec 09, 2018 6:31 am


xti-3442 2.59 fw.
Connect usb-hdd with ext4 fs.
Add few programs for record one by one.
Alow device record half of it.
Now, when device records one of programs, goes into web admn - Streaming - Manage Recording and start deleting already recorded old programs.
After it, you may look into Streaming - Status and:
Program that was recorded while you are start deleting oldone showes only in:
Running Recordings Status
But Streaming status is empty.

So device for some reason stops recording, but still thinks that it goes.
But it really stops, even hdd now blinking now.

Some old bug, device don't like deleting while recording.
Please fix.

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