New VBox Software 2.56 is out and ready for download

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New VBox Software 2.56 is out and ready for download

Post by admin@vbox » Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:06 pm

New features
  • Channel icons - Change channel icons in Manage Channel page
  • Backup and Restore (beta) - Back system settings
  • Cable auto scan - Scan DVB-C automatically in quick setup
  • Recording filename - Change recording file name to: <Program Name>__<Channel name>__<DD-MM-YYYY>__<HH-MM>.mpg
  • Recording description - Recorded file now includes meta data, with program description
  • Multilengual Recording - Recording multilingual file name support
  • XMLTV channel matching - Allow multiple channel pairing to a single channel source
  • External XMLTV HTTPS - Added HTTPS support for External XMLTV URL
  • System logs - Save all system logs with a single button click
  • Linux Ext file system - Improved support for USB storage formatted in ext 2/3/4 file system
  • Satellite list - Update Satellite transponders list
  • Satellite list - Added option to remove transponder in Satellite DVB-S/S2 list
  • XMLTV EPG - Improved External XMLTV Auto match channels mechanism
  • XMLTV EPG - Fixed XMLTV matching of channels with special characters
  • DiSEqC - Fixed manual add channel for DiSEqC Tuner
Live TV app new features
  • Keep watching on all pages mode is disabled when accessing over the internet
  • IE support - Fixed - shows only 3/4 of screen
  • Firefox support - Fixed layout issues in new Firefox version 49.0.1
  • VLC - Update Support to new VLC 2.2.4 API
  • Android tablet - Fixed Resume playback on Android Tablets
  • General performance and design improvements
Requires version 2.48 or newer to update, please contact VBox support if you have an older version