What software to extract subtitles?

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What software to extract subtitles?

Post by AnotherAussie » Fri Feb 07, 2020 12:20 am

What software is everyone using to extract subtitles from recordings? I've tried a dozen different programs but none work for .mpg files.

I can play the recording in VLC media player and choose "Teletext subtitles - [English]" and I get the full teletext subtitles as they appear on my television, including all the different colours and text positions, etc., in the proper ISO-8859-9 encoding.

The problem is, I need to edit my recordings (trim the start & end, etc.) and all the video editing software I've tried strips the subtitles out of the exported video, whether I re-encode or use lossless export.

I have been able to extract the subtitles by muxing the .mpg file with MKVmerge, then extracting the subtitles from the resulting .mkv file, but MKVmerge seems to convert the subtitles to an .srt file with UTF-8 encoding and I lose all the text colours and formatting.

Is there any software out there that can extract the Teletext subtitles directly from the .mpg file?


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