Making Better Use of Multiple Tuners

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Making Better Use of Multiple Tuners

Post by AnotherAussie » Sun Jan 05, 2020 11:55 am

I have an XTi-3442 on software version XTI_VJ.2.65

Two requests in one post!

Firstly: I've noticed that only one tuner is used to scan the EPG from a live signal while the other tuner sits there unlocked and unused.

Would it be possible for the other tuner to start scanning the next frequency in the list simultaneously (provided a tuner is available of course), and then whichever tuner finishes first could start scanning the next frequency and so on, "leap-frogging" until all frequencies have been scanned?

This should get the EPG loaded in half the time, which would be a significant benefit when loading a lot of channels.

Second request: I have my recordings set to start 5 mins before and end 5 mins after, but when recording sequential programs on the same channel, the first recording will get cut short by 5 mins and those last 5 mins will be on the start of the second recording. This seems to be because the same tuner is used for both recordings.

Now, I can edit one from the other with my third-party video editing suite but there is a slight time lag between one recording ending and the next one starting so I get a "skipped" moment once they're joined.

Would it be possible for the other tuner (providing it's available) to be used for the second recording when there is an overlap like this, so that both shows are recorded in their entirety with the extra 5 mins on either end?

I know simultaneous recording works if the programs are on two different channels, but is there some reason both tuners can't be tuned to the same channel at the same time?

Thanks in advance!

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