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Post by nepo » Tue May 01, 2018 12:37 pm


One tuner one frequency - so you can record/look two channels minimal. If you want to record multiple different TV programs it depends on your country. In some countries there are more than one channel pro frequency
frequency .png
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I can record all channels and look another channel with different frequency but it isn't possible to look/record three channels with different frequency on the same time.
(Recording at your fingertips With the VBox you can record multiple different TV programs at the same time)
So it is possible with the vbox and the same applies for all other TVserver/Digital TV Recorder with two tuners.
But others would have to rely on USB sticks and if the program was recorded at 4K you would soon get through those Gigabytes would you not?
I use an external hard drive (passive) with 1 TB ;)

Bye nepo
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