A clarification using VBox with Windows 10

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A clarification using VBox with Windows 10

Post by admin@vbox » Tue Jul 31, 2018 3:10 pm

If you are using Windows 10, since Windows 10 September 2017 update, SMB1 is disabled.
As VBox files system for managing external files such as recordings or XML TV stored on NAS or a computer library works with SMB1, it is necessary to enable it.
We created a guide, explaining how to do it https://vboxcomm.com/images/pdfs/How-to ... ows-10.pdf
In addition, we created 2 more guides, explaining how to set a Schedules Direct EPG/an XMLTV EPG
https://vboxcomm.com/images/pdfs/How-to ... ct-EPG.pdf
https://vboxcomm.com/images/pdfs/How-to ... TV-EPG.pdf
And we updated our network recording configuration guide
https://vboxcomm.com/images/pdfs/VBox-T ... n-1.01.pdf
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