New VBox Software 2.59 is out and ready for download

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New VBox Software 2.59 is out and ready for download

Post by admin@vbox » Thu May 10, 2018 12:19 pm

Update to this new software version is available over-the-air to VBox devices with version 2.48 or newer.
If you have older version please contact VBox support

What’s New
Watch LiveTV page - renamed to “LiveTV Apps” and updated look & fee
- Subfolder support in USB recordings
- NAS Recording Path - if a new recording path set-up fails, path will be reset to the previous one (if it was valid)
Channel selection on Channel page – Selecting/unselecting channels by group (TV/Radio/Encrypted) immediately affects the channels list
Gateway QuickSetup Flow – Replaced the pop-up at the end of QuickSetup with a "finish" step
General bug fixes, UI and performance improvements
New features for our LiveTV Apps for Android and Amazon Fire TV
- Download and Go – recordings can now be downloaded and viewed offline on end-user devices
- Series grouping - Recordings grouped by Series (i.e. all recordings belonging to a series are grouped together)
- Viewed Recordings - New visual indication (“eye” icon) for recordings that where watched
- And more…to make the most of your VBox TV Gateway we recommend updating your apps to the latest version