Firefox Live TV support

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Firefox Live TV support

Post by admin@vbox » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:20 am

On the latest Firefox version 52, Firefox have removed support for the old NPAPI used by may plugins including VLC.
More information about why did Firefox do this, can be found here ... ta-p/31069

If you are still running an older version and would like to continue and watch Live TV on your Firefox we recommend disabling the automatic update ... /ta-p/1748

If you have already upgraded to the new Firefox 52 and wish to go back to previous version you can find all Firefox versions here
Last known good version -

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Re: Firefox Live TV support

Post by tarmacalastair » Tue Mar 28, 2017 10:20 pm

Are you at Vbox or VLC planning to write a new browser plugin that will be compliant with all the current browsers?

I mainly use Ubuntu and found this article on re-enabling these plugins in Firefox 52: ... pi-support. With the 32 bit version of Firefox and VLC, it can also be used on Windows 10. But we do need a longer term solution please Vbox people.

Here's what I did:


Support for NPAPI plugins like VLC has been dropped for all except Flash in Firefox 52 and will be dropped completely from v53

How to Re-enable these plugins (works for me on FF 53)


Works with 64 bit Firefox
Install plugin with sudo apt install browser-plugin-vlc

Windows (Only works for 32 bit Firefox in Windows)

Make sure you're running 32 bit Firefox
Download the 32 bit version of VLC and install it, making sure the browser plugin is selected

Activating and Using
(All Operating Systems)

Enter about:config in the address bar
Right click in the page area and choose New -> Boolean
Type in the name plugin.load_flash_only and set its value to false
Go to Plugins page (You should now see that the VLC plugin is showing)
Navigate to VLC Web Plugin
Choose Always Activate
Restart Firefox
Navigate to LiveTV
If the web page complains about the tuner being busy, just change channel and back again and it should work.
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Re: Firefox Live TV support

Post by admin@vbox » Wed Mar 29, 2017 5:50 am

Hi @tarmacalastair
Thank you for sharing your solution

I know that VLC are working on dedicated web plugins for the different browsers, however as an open source project, we do not know when it will become available.

As an alternative we can recommend using Kodi or one of its variants, or the new beta VBox Live TV app for Windows 10

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