Deleting channels completely

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Deleting channels completely

Post by tarmacalastair » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:08 am

This is only a workaround for the shortcomings in the VBox interface. Hopefully VBox will be able to add this option soon.

1. Open the Manage Files page in the VBox interface
2. Export the file ChannelList.xml.db to a PC. Make a copy of this in case your changes go wrong!
3. Download and run DB Browser for SQLite ( and open the file, using Open Database
4. In the tabs near the top, go to Browse Data and make sure that ChannelList is selected under Table
5. Using this tool you can modify various fields (if you can work out what they mean!) and delete entire records (use the Delete Record button at the top right hand side) to remove a channel completely
6. When you have finished making changes, click Write Changes at the top and then import the file back into the Vbox from the Manage Files page again (use the Upload option at the bottom of the page).
7. Once you've done all this you will need to restart the VBox or I think you can get away with just restarting the Streamer service from the Services page.

Hope this is useful.


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