How do I edit the recordings.xml file?

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How do I edit the recordings.xml file?

Post by GeoffatMM » Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:44 pm

I have edited my recordings.xml file to change a programme title but the web interface does not read it. In fact, worse than that, overnight it appears to have overwritten all my changed and gone back to its original version.

So i did it again and removed a whole bunch of recordings that I had manually deleted from the folder. Once again, the following day it had reverted back to the original file. Where is it getting this from and how do I edit the recordings.xml file so that the changes are understood and accepted by the VBox?

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Re: How do I edit the recordings.xml file?

Post by Ant » Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:05 pm

Why do you need edit it?

As far as I know, one of users did it.
Basically you can turn off device, take USB drive and edit this file. Then connect it back, and turn on device. It will use edited file.
But now that user is used 3rd party software named vbrec and it more usable for records.

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