A number of bugs I have noticed

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A number of bugs I have noticed

Post by mabparkes » Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:17 am

I have recently purchased a VBox Android Gateway 4144 and observe a number of new and existing bugs (Software version XTI_VT.2.64).
New bugs in XTI_VT.2.66 but not present in VJ 2.59

• Automatic series recording works on VJ 2.59 but stops working after a few cycles on XTI_VT.2.66 on VBox Android Gateway. The series request is still present but after a recording is complete it never creates a new request for the next recording. After a while the series request is silently deleted. Automatic series recording is a vital feature and this make the product almost unusable.

• If a series of programmes occurs back-to-back and automatic series recording will only record every other programme if you start recording 5 mins before and 5 mins after. It will not use another tuner even if 1 is available.

• The VBox remote viewing app works poorly on VT.2.66 but works fine for VJ 2.59 (i.e. on Windows channels like BBC1 have no picture and on a FireTV (32 bit) it crashes on start-up).

• Recording any paired HD channel gives "String Format is not supported" in XTI_VT.2.66 but not in VJ 2.59. The string is fine in Guide but not when you try to record it.

• Passwords are now limited to 8 or less characters – Very annoying if you want secure passwords. If there are more than 8 characters it would be better to just ignore the extra characters.

• If you do an automatic series recording you usually get a successful recording that starts 5 mins before the show starts (as expected) and a failed recording at the scheduled time the show was supposed to start (unexpected and annoying).

• The new style interface in XTI_VT.2.66 seemed pretty unusable to me so I opted for the old interface available in VJ 2.59.

Bugs in XTI_VT.2.66 and VJ 2.59 (really annoying)

• If there are more programs to record than tuners you get multiple (i.e. greater than 50) failed recordings and messages instead of just one.

• A recording made by automatic series recording cannot be deleted by Kodi but can be deleted by other players (i.e. the VBox player).

• The extra time to allow “before” and “after” recordings keeps on getting reset by Kodi. This is very confusing for users. I know this is a Kodi bug but the UI should have a button that reads “Allow clients to reset the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ times” and the default should be “No”.

• Automatic series recording option is not available if it would cause a conflict. This is annoying as a single conflict prevents you from selecting it for all other cases. You should be able to pick the option and then be told about what will be missed due to conflicts.

Bugs in XTI_VT.2.66 and VJ 2.59 (just annoying)

• A recoding made by an automatic series recording cannot be deleted by Kodi but can be by other players.

• The “Live Signal with Channel Pairing (Beta)” can’t seem to match the obvious “Channel A” to “Channel A HD” reliably. This seems logically easy enough but doesn’t work consistently.

• It is difficult to setup icons. Any icon that has the same name as a channel in the ‘icons’ directory should be automatically accepted and used by default to massively simplify the setup and re-setup process.

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Re: A number of bugs I have noticed

Post by Ant » Tue Feb 04, 2020 5:08 pm


First of all:
Don't forget to write email into support. As i can see email is preferred way of feedback.

I can confirm too that there is some problem with Android version, after some uptime (week approx) there is suspicious logs and device can't make recordings randomly.

Also, as i understand, you have 3442 too, is it stable?
Mine until 2.65.x regularly becomes unavailable.

Which type of source for both devices you are using (cable dvb-c or terrestrial dvb-t/t2)?

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