Tuner Issue with kodi addon

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Tuner Issue with kodi addon

Post by nepo » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:27 am


I use the Kodi-addons for looking TV, normally no problems. If one tuner is busy (e.g. for recording) and I use the other tuner for TV and I want to switch to another channel the transmission stopped, sometimes after the first switch, sometimes after the second/thirh switch.

Vbox http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NkYjbRXntz/

Code: Select all

Jun  1 18:23:46 VboxUpnpMediaServer:  (602) [UPNP_SRV]  VboxMediaServerDelegate::ProcessFileRequest - arte HD
Jun  1 18:23:46 XLVStreamer.exe:  (815) [STREAMER]  TunerConfiguration::ConfigureProgram (ZDF HD) - removing shared mem client ( HD_Kodi/17.6 (X11; Linux x86_64) Ubuntu/16.04 App_Bitness/64 Version/17.6-Git:2017111
Jun  1 18:23:46 XLVStreamer.exe:  (922) [STREAMER] [E] ManualProgramInfoList::DoSelectTuner - no tuner was found available
Jun  1 18:23:46 XLVStreamer.exe:  (923) [STREAMER] [E] Program::PrepareProgramResource(arte HD) - Notify Starting failed. rc=0xffffffe9
Jun  1 18:23:46 VboxUpnpMediaServer:  (950) [UPNP_SRV] [C] XLVProxy::Submit(579960:2346:5081) - XLV Errors(6)
Jun  1 18:23:46 VboxUpnpMediaServer:  (951) [UPNP_SRV] [C] XLVProxy::Submit(579960:2346:5081) - XLV Error: Program 11: failed starting shared mem
Jun  1 18:23:46 VboxUpnpMediaServer:  (953) [UPNP_SRV] [E] XLVStreamerUPnPClient::OpenClient - failed creating client
Jun  1 18:23:46 VboxUpnpMediaServer:  (953) [UPNP_SRV] [E] VboxMediaServerDelegate::GetStream - failed getting streamer
Jun  1 18:23:46 thttpd[2316]: spawned CGI process 4783 for file 'cgi-bin/HttpControl/HttpControlApp'
Jun  1 18:23:46 vboxDaemon:  (977) [PLATFORM] [A] STOP CapturePidsList Tuner 0, Slot 0
Jun  1 18:23:46 VboxUpnpMediaServer:  (000) [UPNP_SRV] [C] XLVProxy::Submit(7d7db8:2346:5081) - XLV Errors(6)
Jun  1 18:23:46 VboxUpnpMediaServer:  (000) [UPNP_SRV] [C] XLVProxy::Submit(7d7db8:2346:5081) - XLV Error: Program 11: failed starting shared mem
Kodi http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8GCj25JjBP/

Code: Select all

18:23:46.597 T:139624310023936   DEBUG: PVRManager - PerformChannelSwitch - switching to channel 'arte HD'
18:23:46.597 T:139624310023936   DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x7efcb406e270)
18:23:46.607 T:139623514748672   DEBUG: CDVDAudio::Pause - pausing audio stream
18:23:46.959 T:139624310023936   ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: HTTP returned error 500
18:23:46.959 T:139624310023936   ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 500 for|connection-timeout=3
18:23:46.960 T:139624310023936   DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x7efcb406e270)
18:23:47.646 T:139624310023936   ERROR: PVR - SwitchChannel - cannot switch to channel 'arte HD' on client '1766647062'
18:23:47.646 T:139624310023936   ERROR: PVRManager - PerformChannelSwitch - failed to switch to channel 'arte HD'
18:23:47.646 T:139624310023936 WARNING: HandleMessages - failed to switch channel. playback stopped
It's no problem after stopping to switch again to this channel.
What i have done:
  • use 2.57; 2.58, 2,59 with software reset and new installation
  • use kodi with Raspberry 3 and Ubuntu AMD86-64
  • changed network cable and switches
It seems that is a kodi-addon issue, because I can do everything with the kodi-addon IptvSimple or directly with vbox Android software. On the other side, I read here and in other forums/github nothing about problems with this addon.

Please help

Bye nepo
vbox xti 3442 (cable) version 2.58 with usb device
Raspberry/Raspbian with Kodi 17, Mobil with Android 7, Amd64 Ubuntu16.4

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