VBox 4144 more bad recordings

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VBox 4144 more bad recordings

Post by mabparkes » Sat May 23, 2020 3:43 pm

Just like the previous post I am getting a large number of bad recordings (i.e. again about a 50% error rate). I am recording Terrestrial TV and in my case the issue is clear cut. A recording will start off fine but after some random period of time it will suddenly go back about 20 seconds (i.e. it will replay part of the show). After this the picture and the sound track go fuzzy. You can see and hear parts of the show but it is so bad that it is unwatchable. This continues to the end of the recording. A following recording on the same or different channel are typically fine, even if parts overlap.

As developer, it is worth mentioning that it has same appearance as overflowing a circular buffer.

I have a VBox 4144 running the latest software version (i.e. 2.66). I also have older VBox models but have not seen this issue on these products (i.e. software version 2.59).


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Re: VBox 4144 more bad recordings

Post by admin@vbox » Mon May 25, 2020 9:30 am

is this happens on series recording ?
when you faced this issue on 3442 and 4144 - is it happened on the same recorded channel ?
did you used same player (tablet/or other device)?

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