Recordings.xml issues

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Recordings.xml issues

Post by dhallam » Thu Jul 19, 2018 6:52 pm

All my recorded TV is is mounted to my server at \\server\recorded tv
the share has full permissions and has been working fine until I rebuilt my server last week.

For about a day the share was unavailable while I recreated the share but now only a handful of recordings are showing now the share is back online.

Within the XML file the files that are not now showing up are all now like this:
<record channel="" start="20161106170816 +0000" stop="20161106180500 +0000">
<channel-name>Channel 5</channel-name>
<programme-title lang="eng">2012</programme-title>
<programme-desc lang="eng">Action starring John Cusack and Amanda Peet. A divorced writer battles to save his family from a series of natural disasters caused by solar eruptions. (2009)[S]</programme-desc>
<error-description>File does not exist</error-description>
<url> ... 8.mpg</url>

only included the needed section and im assuming is down to the <state> now being file does not exist.

But if I go to ... 7%2D08.mpg
the file does download and I can see it.

Is their anyway to get this to re-check or anything I can amend to get the recordings back into the VBOX

the ones that do work look like this:

<channel-name>Sony Movie Ch</channel-name>
<programme-title lang="eng">Jumanji</programme-title>
<programme-desc lang="eng">An unusual board game unleashes unstoppable forces into the lives of a makeshift family. Robin Williams stars in this fantasy adventure. (1995)</programme-desc>
<url> ... 4.mpg</url>
<LocalTarget>/usr/local/bin/vboxUpnp/shared/NetworkMedia/Jumanji__Sony Movie Ch__26-01-2018_15-54.mpg</LocalTarget>

and I have rebooted the device a few times.

currentaly running XTI_VJ.2.57.17
and its a 3442-21

cheers for any advice.

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Re: Recordings.xml issues

Post by dhallam » Thu Jul 19, 2018 7:22 pm

too quick to ask, I resolved it by doing a find and replace on the recordings.xml file for <state>Error</state> to <state>recorded</state>

and deleted any <error-description>File does not exist</error-description>

all back on now... and jest I did have a backup of recordings.xml

might help anyone else... but might not :-)

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