external access enhancement - bandwidth

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external access enhancement - bandwidth

Post by bloodroses » Thu Aug 10, 2017 11:47 pm

Why to use vbox at home when all TVs have a DVB decoder built in ?
DVR - to record programs ? That's ok but the primary usage should be the external one, when i'm outside, when i'm in holiday when i'm not physically at home.

In this perspective, the Broadway 2T i think is better built. My new VBOX 3rd gen. must arrive, it's on the way. From the documentation it streams the output is possible only at full bitrate and full quality but in this case, when i'm outside i could not have enought bandwith available specially on mobile devices.
On my Broadway 2T i can choose the output quality and bitrate. Is this on VBOX possible ? I have the impression, that's not allowed.
Again, the device is usefull for me when i'm around the world, at home i have my Tvs.

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Re: external access enhancement - bandwidth

Post by admin@vbox » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:34 am

Hi bloodroses,
Thank you for buying the VBox TV Gateway,
There a number of reasons why people are using VBox within the home
1. If you do not have good DVB reception in every room and place the VBox in a room with good reception next to the antenna and distribute the TV channels over IP
2. If you do not have RF cables running in every room, and are using the VBox to bring TV over WiFi to a TV
3. If have other screens such as tablets, PC, smartphone and would like to watch Live and recorded TV on them - in bed, for the kids...
4. Sharing recordings between all your screens - you can set recordings from any device and watch on any device, you can even start watching on one device and continue on another
5. You do not want any cables running to your TV - with the VBox you just need to power your TV and the live TV and go over your network
6. You have a Kodi streamer and watch to add live TV

The list can go on and so is the reason why people prefer to get the full broadcasted quality
As to remote access - most internet and mobile connections will allow you to watch SD channels without any issues
If you do have slow connection and require transcoding you can always use transcoding servers such as www.servio.org

I hope that you will enjoy your new VBox

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