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Auto Set Date and Time on Boot Up

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 11:08 am
by AnotherAussie
I have an XTi-3442 on software version XTI_VJ.2.65

We've been having multiple mains power failures every day here with the bushfires, and every time the power comes back on and the VBox boots up, it reverts to the default date and time of "Sat Jan 1, 2000" at "12:00:00".

And every time this happens I need to go into the [System > Manage] menu and update the date and time myself. It remembers the NTP Server addresses so all I need to do is click "Submit", but if I forget to do this the EPG doesn't get scanned and none of the scheduled recordings will start.

Is it possible for the software to automatically retrieve the date and time (and then scan the EPG) itself after initial boot up?

I know there is a setting for automatic updating (with a default value of 24 hours) but it seems silly to wait for that to come around and I don't want to set this value much lower because if everybody did this we would flood the NTP Servers.

I should also mention that my internet modem also takes a little while to reconnect after a blackout, so the VBox may need to detect an internet connection and retry a minute later if there is none?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Auto Set Date and Time on Boot Up

Posted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:08 am
by Ant
Agreed, i'am one of those who use ntp.
I was forced to set sync every hour, also because of power outage.
It is good idea to sync time with some small pause after boot.

By the way, why you don't use getting Live Signal (TDT) setting?

Re: Auto Set Date and Time on Boot Up

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 8:03 am
by AnotherAussie
Seeing as it will never be the year 2000 again, an easy way to implement this would be a simple check:

if (year = "2000") then (wait 10 seconds) and (mimic the "Submit" button function on the bottom of the 'System > Manage' page)

This should run every 10 seconds until the date is updated and then stop. Mimicking the "Submit" button function means whatever options were chosen by the user for retrieving the time will still be used, so long as the "Synchronize Now" checkbox is checked of course.

Ant wrote:
Mon Jan 06, 2020 9:08 am
By the way, why you don't use getting Live Signal (TDT) setting?

We have daylight savings time here during the summer. When the changeover occurs we get some networks that change immediately and some just can't seem to get their act together for a day or two. So when I change channels on a regular TV, the time will be correct on one channel, and then be updated to the incorrect time when changing to another.

And yes, this plays havoc with the EPG as it keeps jumping backward and forward by an hour until the slackers catch up.