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Updated VBox LiveTV Apps for Android and Amazon Fire TV

Posted: Thu May 10, 2018 12:27 pm
by admin@vbox
We've updated our apps
- The Android app supports: Android box, Android TV, smarphone and tablet devices. App version is 1.10
- The Amazon app supports: Fire TV 4K, tablet, Fire TV stick.

What's New
- Download and Go – recordings can now be downloaded and viewed offline on end-user devices
- Series grouping - Recordings grouped by Series (i.e. all recordings belonging to a series are grouped together)
- Viewed Recordings - New visual indication (“eye” icon) for recordings that where watched
- Channel List & Guide – Updated UI to display fewer channels for easier selection (for smartphones)
- Background video playback - Removed background video playback in the Guide (for smartphones)
- Teletext Subtitles – click on the new “+” icon on the Channels page to see a list of supported teletext subtitles
- Notable fixes – resume recording, fast-forward and fast backwards issues, download complete status update (for recordings)
- General bug fixes, UI and performance improvements

Recommended for VBox devices with version 2.58 or newer.