Remote shutdown and restart

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Remote shutdown and restart

Post by tarmacalastair » Wed May 31, 2017 11:20 am

Just a little tip to remotely reboot or shutdown your box for when it inevitably plays up and you need to restart it. This can be done from an Android phone using "HTTP Request Shortcuts" or similar so you don't need to find a PC/tablet.


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http://<VBox IP>/cgi-bin/ManageApp/ManageApp?OPTION=48&shutdown_action=Shutdown+System+
or, if you have a password set:

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http://user:password@<VBox IP>/cgi-bin/ManageApp/ManageApp?OPTION=48&shutdown_action=Shutdown+System+


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http://<VBox IP>/cgi-bin/ManageApp/ManageApp?OPTION=48&restart_action=Restart+System+
(add user/pass if needed like above)

Could we have some help from Support please to restart services in this way? I've found that restarting the Streamer service in the past has brought my Vbox back to life much quicker than a reboot.

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Re: Remote shutdown and restart

Post by admin@vbox » Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:04 pm

Sorry it took long time to reply - but here is the command to restart the Streamer

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http://<VBox IP>/cgi-bin/HttpControl/HttpControlApp?OPTION=1&Method=RestartStreamer

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