Additional Recording time (padding)

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Additional Recording time (padding)

Post by dhallam » Tue May 23, 2017 8:39 pm

Hi I am using kodi installs on 2 pc's and 1 nvidia shield install all running kodi 17 and I am having issues with the padding on the Vbox (running 2.5.7)

I have set the Additional Recording time in the Vbox to 2 minutes which is fine, but whenever i set a recording from any of the kodi clients this then re-sets back to 0 and 0 minutes.

And even if i set this on the client individually to 1 minuet either way, it seems to ignore this setting in the scheduled recordings section when it goes to the Vbox.

Why does the setting on the vbox not take priority over the clients, nor if the setting is 1 min or 5 mins on the client why the vbox gets re-set back to 0

I would like just to set the padding to 2 mins both start and finish on all devices which would be better and easier to do on the Vbox itself.

Cheers for any enlightenment

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Re: Additional Recording time (padding)

Post by admin@vbox » Wed May 24, 2017 12:01 pm

Hi @dhallam
Thanks for bringing this to our attention,
It seems that Kodi doesn't read the padding parameters from the VBox and only sets it.
For now I suggest that you will set the same padding on all your Kodi devices manually,
Then set a timer on Kodi - this will pass the padding setting from Kodi to the VBox and will set it on the VBox to the same values
As all your Kodi devices will have the same padding values it should be ok

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