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[URGENT] Vbox useless permanently hanged waiting for (which is gone!)

Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2018 10:26 pm
by aldernexa

Please help - someone at vbox decided to kill the update server my vbox tries to connect to ( it would seem) and in a double whammy of brilliance, vbox programmers don't seem to have considered the possibility that their box might not be able to find the xti_vb.xml update file it's looking for one day!!!! (This is kinda stupid guys, I mean surely you code for a failure state with a network retrievable file!) - so it hangs and hangs waiting for a server that only says this:

"404 Not Found

I tried to do a reset to factory defaults today to troubleshoot some issues and now I have a completely unusable device, which I'm not too happy about, because I cannot get past the update check in the Quick Setup sequence. Why wouldn't you code a timeout in case the device can't find the update file???????

I need an urgent fix please - presumably I missed an update somehow? Hopefully you can send me a new firmware ASAP so I can get up and running again as TV is now dead :(


Info below:

Board Information
Serial Number 000000 000000 001640 643674
Hardware Revision H0
Manufacture ID 0827
Product Number 3342
Product Name 3342-21

Software Versions
Software Version XTI_VB.2.57
Kernel Image VB04
Boot Loader Image 2.1.20
Disk Image IVB-2.0-25

Re: [URGENT] Vbox useless permanently hanged waiting for (which is gone!)

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:37 am
by VBsupport

please contact our support via email to receive the latest fw with a fix to your issue.

best regards

vbox support